Why Capstone Consultants?

Have you heard of consulting companies simply asking a lot of questions, creating fancy graphs, charts and spreadsheets for the executives and leadership team which mainly recaps issues and concerns that are already identified? Then there is a lot of talk about solving problems, but when the engagement is complete you are left with a project plan but no one to assist with execution? Sound familiar?

At Capstone Consultants we access needs, identifying issues and gaps in processes before developing a detailed project plan with deliverables. We then assist our clients in implementing these plans which frees up valuable client resources to focus on current business while Capstone assists with delivery of the project. Each opportunity allows us to customize a solution unique to each client’s needs and budget. These solutions are focused on finding increasing revenues, leveraging resources and improving efficiency using our Experience, Innovation and ability to Execute.

In addition, we can assist in providing management resources to start up projects and then transition them into the client's operational work stream. In every case, we provide solutions unique to our clients’ needs and can offer a complete turn key approach to assist in achieving your goals.

Our Services

Strategy and Development

First and foremost, we listen. Then we work with our clients to develop programs that support your companies’ goals and focus on scalable growth while leveraging efficiency to improve performance.

Project Planning and Design

We work with you to design strategies, tactics, and tools to meet your goals and needs. We drive your project using the latest planning tools and give you access to monitor progress and timelines.

Implementation and Operation

We roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to solve problems and execute your goals. Ultimately, we do not simply advise, we work with you to assist in implementing the project plan.

Pharmacy Design and Workflow

The Capstone team has worked on thousands of pharmacy layouts and design projects, experience gained from leadership positions held at two national chains; Walgreens and Rite Aid. We utilize the latest in design graphics and technology to provide better pharmacy workflow to increase employee satisfaction and improve pharmacy efficiency.